Google Nexus Launcher New Version APK Download with Errors Fixed

Google Nexus is a series of smartphones and tablets that run on Android devices. Google is the one which manages the design, development of these devices. Manufacturing is done by partnering with original equipment manufacturers e.g. HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola etc. These devices come with latest version of Android version. These devices are the first to get Android Update. They have stock Android installed in them, means no customization is done with their android ROMs. Stock android is fast and easy to use. It is lag free and provides you maximum amount of available internal storage.

Google Nexus devices are considered Google’s flagship Android products. These all are high end smartphones of their time and are considered one of the best in the world of smartphones and tablets.

Those who are Nexus’s fans want to buy these devices but all of them can’t afford these phones. But we can feel the Nexus’s experience on our smartphone by installing an app called Google Nexus’s Launcher. You can get it from many different sites. It’s a small size app but it runs on only Android version 4.1 and higher. After installing this app, your smartphone looks like a Nexus device with stock android, Nexus wallpapers and many more things, that give you a Nexus experience.

This app is available on playstore. This is the Launcher that is currently running on all Nexus devices. You can experience Nexus’s features by using this app.

If you want to experience Android Marshmallow, that is currently running on most of the Nexus devices, then you need to download ‘Google Now Launcher’ app, which is free on playstore and you may get it from other sites also.

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